Stefan Touhami

Stefan Touhami

About me

From the young age I prefereed to making than using something that isn't complete. So by this I started to programing in primary school :)

Main technologys that I'm using at this moment is PHP, JavaScript and MySQL but something I have fun with Python

I have completed few own compercial projects which created from passion and by the way I was able to earn money by them.

If you want to work with me, send e-mail to my e-mail adress which is over top.

Dragon Ball Z Fighters (2010-2015)

Game based on open-source engine of Tibia, modified from medieval times to modern game based on anime Dragon Ball.

Meanwhile Iā€™m creating and administrate DBZF I learnt a lot of useful stuff, from server security (e.g SQL Injection) and bases of economics and social behavior but most important is that, I learnt how to administrate server on linux(ubuntu)

Website with online movies, were popular in Poland, by them I want to learn about design patterns after as I saw my code is so huge that I have problems to control it. When I learnt MVC I want to create new version of website but after half way I closed project because It could be illegal after law change.