Stefan Touhami

Stefan Touhami

Dunno is here!

30-08-2017 20:00
Few month ago, I rewrite Dunno app and created google console (developer) account, then I let out alpha version of my app for friends, feedback was good and that let me to track issues which I couldn’.. [read more]

New beginning

14-05-2017 20:00
I didn’t made everything what I want but still I learnt a lot in this few weeks, Application isn’t complete, code isn't beautiful but it works so today is a good day to make some summary of Get Notice.. [read more]

So that's how end looks

07-05-2017 16:00
Few days ago Instagram rejected my submission for grant access and upgrade my client type so for a while I thought that’s the end and I have nothing to do because there is last week and App is built f.. [read more]

Everyone's A programmer

03-05-2017 19:00
“My mama is a DJ, my grandpa is a DJ, everyone’s DJ! “ Do you remember this song? It was popular when I was teen and yes in 2011 everyone want’s to be DJ because through that is easy and because of f.. [read more]


30-04-2017 16:00
When my application start to downloading about 20mb of same images I had to change my downloading profile pictures and started to thinking about caching so I found Volley Library and that’s solved all.. [read more]

Language of future

26-04-2017 19:00
Probably everyone who are starting with programming ask yourself for this question “which language should I study” and that’s can be not easy to answer. One are looking for simple language one for l.. [read more]

Gimme access!

23-04-2017 16:00
When you register your app in instagram developers you will receive sandbox account which is limited to usage, for example if you want to get list of followers api will return just simple json without.. [read more]

Game world in real world

19-04-2017 16:00
Pokemon GO were released in last summer, good times to catch them all. I think that I don’t have to describe what was it because everyone was talking about this simple game from pokemon world. Pokem.. [read more]

Why it's works?

16-04-2017 16:00
I went by easiest way, code is ugly, I fucked up but It’s work. ApplicationI made registration/login over mobile application and getting access token from instagram, I think now it’s work fine. I h.. [read more]